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Are you ready to create a life you actually love? 
Do you want to feel confident and clear on who you are?
Have you been hoping to experience deep love and connection in your life? 

Welcome to BeFound, where you'll finally become the person of your dreams.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place.


I'm Nora, your new Life Coach.

When I started my journey, I was coming out of a really bad relationship with my confidence buried six feet under. I had spent three years trying to make this emotionally abusive guy love me. And in the process, I lost my friends, I stopped doing the things I loved, and I sank into an unrecognizable version of myself. After we broke up, I made it my mission to make sure no one lost themselves in a relationship again. I became a professional Matchmaker and worked with some of the most succussful CEO's and celebrities in the U.S. After five years of helping people find love, I realized that what people were REALLY searching  for was SELF-LOVE. Instead of helping people find love outside of themselves, I had found  the key to true fulfillment: finding love WITHIN themselves. That is how my coaching practice began. Since then, I've been trained by the worlds leading coaches, relationship experts, and psychologist, to help each  client  of  mine achieve internal confidence, love, and freedom. 


hey there!

Your best life is waiting for YOU - all you need is the tools, knowledge, and person to help  you step into it.

And Be Found is the key.

❌ You fall into the "if/then" cycle: “If I get married, then I’ll be happy,” or, “If I lose ten pounds, then I’ll be loved"

❌ You allow your past to define your future

❌You scroll on social media thinking, "I wish I had their life" 

❌You feel confused on the next step of your  life

❌ You trade what you want to do for what you think you should do 

❌ You're constantly worrying about  what other people think of you

❌ You think you need to be "fixed" to achieve the life you want 


Soo, lets get real.

Does this sound like you?

The key to overcoming these feelings is realizing that these are simply false stories that societal conditioning has taught you. Through finding yourself and loving yourself, you will begin to create your own beautiful stories and in turn, create your own beautiful  life. 

When it comes to these feelings, you're not alone. I  used to feel the exact same way.

In BeFound, we create the no-nonsense type of self-love that opens you up to an honest relationship with yourself... that you can relate to the rest of the world with more confidence and less fear.

Because it’s about damn time you got the most out of life without searching for happiness outside of yourself, or reading another vague. self-help book, or ignoring your true instincts.

Enough of this aimless search for *the answer* to all your problems.

The answer is right there inside you, waiting for you to reach in and grab hold of it.

It’s time to stop waiting for the world to find the real you. Take it upon yourself instead and FINALLY FEEL FOUND WITHIN YOURSELF. 


The private, online membership community for growth-oriented people who are looking to make a lasting and profound change to their lives.

As a member, you now get to experience the life changing tools and tactics that world-class Life Coach, Nora DeKeyser, offers to her one-on-one clients.

Through Nora’s unique coaching style, you’ll create a new identity as the Founder of your own life.

KNOW who you are
LOVE who you are
and BE who you are



We deliver these modules at the beginning of each month in order to give you the  flexibility to attend at your own speed. These coaching modules, made by Nora, are here to teach you the tools to become your own best coach. We also provide monthly homework to help you implement these tools. 

These are deeply connected group coaching calls with Nora, where she answers your individual questions, fears, thoughts, and goals. Experience what it's like to work with a coach every month. 

Here's How It All Goes Down



STEP one

STEP tw0

We will teach you how to  meditate and bring mindfulness, relaxation, and resilience back into your life. 


STEP four

This community loves to connect, support, and inspire each  other. You  might even become best friends or business partners with someone in the group!


STEP Three


Here's How You'll Get Started When You Join BeFound

You'll gain instant, exclusive access to the very first Founders Method video of the month.


Set up your Community Text account for daily inspo and get access to our online community.


You'll get a powerful monthly coaching session with Nora so you can forge your own path forward.



“My beliefs, my values, my thoughts, my reactions are all more aligned. I feel like I'm finally connected to myself. I finally authentically  love myself ."

HANNAH got her groove back


"The support between calls was invaluable. I felt like I had her with me all the time whilst I was having breakthroughs. It was like having a wise friend in my back pocket."

Andrea stepped into a dream relationship


"Finding myself again. And helping me realize what is and what is not important in life. The things that matter versus the things that are holding you back."


You'll connect with other successful Founders from around the world.

“I got in touch with myself which was huge, identified the parts I had been ignoring and started to move through some of the swamp weeds holding me back from finding a divine partnership.”


“I’m more confident in myself, my decisions, my relationships. And when I don't feel confident, I have the skillset to get myself back on track!”


She helped me believe in what I deserved. I loved my life being authentically me and did things I wanted to do- regardless of if someone else wanted to do it with me or what they thought. As soon as I let go of those insecurities it was like everything I was previously searching for fell into place.


"Nora has transformed my life!"

I would recommend working with Nora to anyone who is ready  to  grow.

- Erik

"I don't even know how to describe it, besides the fact that my entire life feels different after working with Nora."

I loved working with Nora for so many reasons, but what stands out the most is her ability to create a safe space to reflect, analyze and grow. I felt as if Nora helped me become my own coach — more clear, more resilient than ever before.

- Sara

"Nora helped me become my own coach."

News flash: You can achieve the life & love you want.

So how exactly do we get you from doubting your every move and desire to having a crystal clear blueprint of what your ideal life looks like (and then bringing that blueprint to life)?  Glad you asked!

BeFound takes you through the Founders Methodology that Nora uses in her high-end one-on-one coaching--making this membership the next closest coaching experience she has to offer.

If you are a go-getter who’s getting nowhere…

If you want to be yourself and show up as you to others, without compromising your actual desires… 

If you’re thinking that maybe you can just get by for now and maybe join another time, but the voice in the back of your head is screaming for you to take this step forward...

If you’ve been feeling stuck and overwhelmed by all the conflicting self-help advice out there…

If you’ve got your sights set on making a huge change in your life this year, but it still just feels like a pipe dream...

then you belong inside BeFound.

BeFound teaches you not only how to find love within yourself, but also the how to continue making it the foundation of your newfound wellbeing and peace.

Creating a life-changing morning routine.

Building a system for sustainable self-love.

Attracting your dream career or working on projects that light you up.

Building a community of friends that will ensure your continued growth

Attracting the right partner who aligns with your authentic self. 

Feeling more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


What is BeFound?

BeFound is a private, online community of people who are hungry to grow in confidence, authenticity, and life clarity. Each month, members will have access to Life Coaching videos and homework from Nora. Members will also have live coaching and text support from Nora, as well as connections with other members and meditation training 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can cancel your monthly membership anytime and you will not be charged for the next payment 

If you're looking for a step by step guide to help you move forward in your life and relationships confidently and authentically, then this membership is for you

Everything is in the membership portal! You will have your own access code to login and watch  the monthly life coaching videos and homework. Our coaching calls will be on zoom, and our community can connect on Facebook. Nora will text you throughout the month to support you toward your goals 

That is up to you! You can watch the Life Coaching videos, connect with other "Founders", and do the monthly challenges and homework as much as  you want. We made these flexible so you can go at your unique pace. The live meditation call, guest expert calls, and coaching calls with Nora will each  last around an hour. 

Yes. Growth only begins outside of your comfort zone. Plus, Nora is a firm believer in creating a safe space for self-growth. She will make sure that each person feels safe, seen, and understood. This is also a private community for a reason, no information will be shared with anyone outside of the group

YES! Many self-development books and healing methods don't get to the core root of what is going on. BeFound is rooted in psychology, neuroscience, somatic healing, spirituality, and change formation. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, it is always helpful to have accountability and a safe space to be fully  expressed, in order to grow 

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Is BeFound for me? 

How is BeFound delivered?

How much time will it require each month?

Is BeFound right for me if I'm nervous to join?

I've been on my self-development journey for years, will BeFound have anything to offer me?

shoot me an email

I completely understand. I was nervous before hiring my first coach too. I personally get to know every member of BeFound for this reason. I want to help turn those nerves into confidence and growth. Please email me to ask any other questions you might have before joining.

Still on the fence?